Sunday, October 23, 2016

PTU CT Tag ♥ Gwennie

I used Hania's Design's kit called "Gwennie"...such a beautiful kit with beautiful and rich colors! It was made-to-match an Exclusive by © Adrianne called the same,  the tube is available only in her store and comes in 8 colors. You can purchase her HERE. The kit has 12 papers and 100 elements to design with and available at Hania's Design.  I added a brilliant skull/candle animation by Sophisticat Simone available at Hania's Design. Click my tag to see full sized.

Friday, October 21, 2016

PTU CT Tag ♥ Dead of Night

I used an amazing kit of Gothic Inspirations called "Dead of Night". This kit is packed full of fun dark/gothic things. I used one of the clusters from the cluster pack you can purchase at her store Gothic Inspirations Store. I added bits and pieces from the kit also available HERE. The kit contains 69 elements and 12 papers. I only did Jessica's part for this tag. This kit was was of a collab with Chichi Designz. You can purchase Chichi's portion at her store HERE. I used an awesome Exclusive tube by Alehandra Vanhek available only at Hania's Design. I also used a Exclusive skull/candle animation by Sophisticat Simone also available at Hania's Design. You can purchase the fog animation HERE. Click my tag to see full sized.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

PTU CT Tag ♥ CDO Autumn Collab 2016

I worked with Sophisticat Simone's portion of the CDO Autumn Collab 2016. Such a lovely kit. Her portion has 17 elements, 1 frame, 4 papers and 1 word art. The collab in total contains 163 elements, 16 frames, 7 word arts and 41 papers! You can get this collab for FREE if you buy any 3 CDO scrap kits between now and 10 pm PST October 31, 2016. You can buy any three kits you want, an Inspired by kit, a mini, a regular, a mega kit and even artist bundle kits. You can mix and match doesn't matter who the designer is! The collab will automatically be sent to you! To see a preview of the collab, click HERE. I used an adorable tube by Sara Butcher that you can purchase also at CDO and a beautiful falling leaf animation also by Simone HERE. Click my tag to see full sized.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

PTU CT Tag ♥ Pick of the Patch

I used a stunning kit by Sophisticat Simone called "ScrapSS_IB-PinUpToons-183-2". Such a cute fall/autumn kit to play with! It contains 24 elements, 1 frame, 9 papers, and 1 word art. You can purchase this cute kit at CDO. I used the adorable tube that inspired the kit that you get HERE. I added a lovely falling leaves animation also by Simone from her Animation Pack 142 available also at CDO. Click my tag to see full sized.

Friday, October 14, 2016

PTU CT Tag ♥ Dia De Muertos

I used the amazing kit by Hania's Designs called "Dia De Muertos". What an awesome Day of the Dead kit...such bright and vibrant colors! Such a beauty! It contains 10 papers and 112 elements. You may purchase it at her store HERE. It was designed around a stunning Exclusive tube by Alehandra Vanhek called the same only available in her store HERE. I added a couple of Exclusive animations by Sophisticat Simone from Animation Packs 44 and 45...which you purchase HERE. What a fun tag to make!!! Click on my tag to see full sized.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

PTU CT Tag ♥ Season of the Witch

I used a stunning tube by Rebecca Sinz called "Season of the Witch" for this tag. Such beauty in her artwork! You can purchase this at her store Elvenstar Art Tubes. I used a matching kit made for this tube by Irish Princess Designs called the same, available at Hania's Design. This kit is packed full of delightful seasonal items, perfect for your Halloween/Autumn type tags. It has 20 papers and 100 elements in it. I added a super brilliant new animation by the talented Sophisticat Simone exclusive to Hania's Design store from Animation Package 45. There are 3 animations in the pack plus 2 bonus animations in it! You can purchase the package HERE. Click my tag to see full sized.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

PTU CT Tag ♥ Autumn Days

I used a stunning kit by Hania's Designs called "Autumn Days" for this tag. It is simply beautiful! It has 10 papers and 131 elements to design with! You can purchase it at her store HERE. I used a FAB cluster by Miranda as a base and then added elements to it. You can purchase her clusters HERE. I used a gorgeous tube by Alehandra Vanhek called "Jacqueline" which is a multi-layered tube that you can purchase HERE. Of course it needed some falling autumn leaves by the very talented Sophisticat Simone..which you can purchase at CDO. Click my link to see full sized.